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The 7 Commandments of Adventure

  1. Challenge Yourself

Don’t settle for what you know you can do.  Stretch yourself to achieve something you’ve worked hard to get and glow in personal satisfaction.  For some people that’s summiting a mountain, and for others it’s staring their fear of water in the face while out in a kayak.  Find your comfort zone and push past it, that really is where the miracles happen.


  1. Leave No Trace

Respect the environment you’re in and live by the Leave No Trace principles.  It’s so important to minimize your impact when outdoors.  Human impact can be such an ugly thing, help our environment to be there for longer in its natural state.



  1. Try Something New

Finding “old faithful” a little boring?  Try a new trail, or new mode of transport.  While there is fear in the unknown, there is also excitement.  Try paddling to the lookout for a new perspective, or finding a new national park to visit with your mountain bike.  Suddenly all your technical skills will be put to use as you pick new lines and explore new places.  Variety is the spice of life, do the same old tricks in a new way.


  1. Be Patient, take your time

Not good at something the first time you tried it?  Be patient and stay persistent.  Looking back on how far you’ve come is far more rewarding than having a natural talent in something.

When you’re outdoors there is no rush, schedules or deadlines – you’re on holidays.  Make sure you take the time to slow down and let yourself take it all in.  Wait for that sunset, wait for other people, stop and take a dip in the lake.  The point of a hike is the destination, but the fun really is in getting there – slow down and make the most of it!


  1. Be Prepared

There’s nothing worse than not having an essential item.  Think ahead, write a pack list and make sure you’re prepared for the conditions.  Break it down into categories, and address each area: Safety (first aid kit, whistle, light, emergency beacon, map, compass), Fuel (food, water, cooking), Clothes (raincoat, warm layers, sun protection), Shelter (tent, sleeping bag, mat).  The basics will get you out the other side, not the luxuries.  Know the conditions you’re heading into so you can pack accordingly.  Ignorance is no excuse when outdoors, not with the level of information available these days, and how drastically it can go wrong if you’re not prepared.


  1. Get Inspired, then act on it

What are you waiting for?  People to join you?  Perfect weather?  Stop putting it off!  Watch an inspiring movie, and get out there while you’re still thinking about it.  The time may never be perfect, but in a world of sacrifice I’m sure you’ll manage, and will then be thankful.  Don’t let your dreams stay as dreams, make them plans.


  1. Take the good with the bad (weather)

Good times don’t stop in bad weather, they just get better.  Once you give in to the idea of getting muddy and wet, you get so much more out of the trip.  Weather provides variety and rain really doesn’t change the conditions that much – dress appropriately and you won’t feel the cold.  In the rain you can walk through puddles and rivers like they don’t exist, splash mud everywhere, laugh, yippee and have a wild time.  Don’t be afraid of mud, there’s always a shower and washing machine when you get home.  Why limit yourself to only sunny days?



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