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Service Project: Dragon Skin VOC 3 Commander

Bring it on


Service Project: VOC Commander for VOC 3, Dragon Skin 2017
Duration: 12 months
Event date: 14th – 17th April 2017


Reason for Service Project:
Dragon Skin has been my favourite event since 2006 when I first attended as a Venturer.  From then on it’s been the one event I look forward to every year, even as a Rover. To have the privilege of giving back to the Venturers attending, and assisting the volunteers who ran it for me previously has already been incredibly rewarding.  Having the chance to step it up as VOC Commander is an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.


What is Dragon Skin?
Dragon Skin is a four day competitive camp for over 900 Venturer Scouts (14-17yr old’s) held in a State Forest over the Easter long weekend.  Teams of 4-7 navigate, hike and complete activity bases to earn points, staying at one of the four Venturer Overnight Campsites (VOC) each night.

I am responsible for the management of VOC 3, run by 140 Rovers providing 13 activity bases and teams for catering, first aid, security, sites & services, night activities, finance, admin, activities and track support.  VOC 3 hosts up to 300 Venturers each night, along with the Rovers who camp on the opposite end of the site.  My tasks involved to achieve this are listed below.


Tasks Involved:
– Selection of executive team
– Organising of 2016 VOC 3 after party (5hrs)
– Organising and attending event fundraising (25hrs BBQS)
– Attending monthly HQ meetings (16hrs)
– Chairing bimonthly VOC 3 meetings (12hrs)
– Conducting site visits for planning and maintenance (25hrs)
– Attending event in the week prior for set up (6 days onsite)
– Execution of event, leading the VOC 3 team (4 days onsite)
– Making disciplinary decisions and problem solving during the event
– Lead 140 volunteer Rovers on VOC 3 throughout the event


Relevant Experience for Role:
3 years’ service on a Dragon Skin base
2 years’ service running night activities on VOC 3
1 year service as Assistant VOC 3 Commander
2 years’ service as 1st Hurstville Rover Crew Leader
2 years’ service as 4th Kingsgrove Venturer Leader


Scouting Skills Demonstrated:
– Leadership
– Initiative
– Environmental conservation


Now or Never:
This Saturday starts my 10 days in the forest undertaking the VOC 3 Commander role at Dragon Skin as the Service Project in my Baden Powell Award.  3 years working on VOC to earn the role, 12 months of meetings, planning, fundraising, managing and working with an incredible team; and it all comes down to this moment moving into the forest.  6 days building the VOC, 3 days running the camp, and 1 day tearing it all down again.  There is nothing more rewarding than putting in hard work, and pulling off what was my favourite camp as a Venturer.  THIS is where 14 year old Heather found her sense of Adventure.


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