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One Week

Team Meeting = check
Packed = check
Nervous = check

With today being one week till the race I’ve spent it packing and running around collecting the last little bits and pieces (ice packs, bike parts, small dry bags and wool socks). Sydney is expecting 200ml of rain this weekend so it’s miserable outside, but still we’re planning to get our last kayak in tomorrow and hopefully a very muddy wet ride afterwards.

Im sure I’ve forgotten something, but below is the final pack list:

As of last week I’ve been getting anxious and nervous about the race. The group of us met up on Thursday to plan the final logistics and now that we’ve got a plan I’ve moved on to excitement.
Discussions covered transport, food, sleep, gear, transitions and the supports teams duties. We’re leaving early Thursday for the 5hr drive to Port Macquarie to then settle in and relax for the evening before competency testing and event briefings on Friday.
Transport: Evan & Lani are driving us up taking the trailer and the bike rack for our bikes. Pete & Tyla will meet us there late Friday night. P&T are leaving on Monday once we finish while we crash an extra night leaving Tuesday morning.
Food: Each teammate will provide their own food purchased in Sydney and make ration packs. Perishable items like sandwiches, meats, fruit etc will be purchased and made up there.
Sleep: We are aiming to complete the race (48hrs) without sleep, but discussed the importance of making a call to stop and have a 20minute nap if absolutely necessary. Exhaustion can lead to silly mistakes that either have you travel further than needed, or hurt yourself, so we’ll see how we go. If it’s not at a transition area one of us will have stay up to wake the team up again after 15 minutes. Crappy job but you get to eat!
Gear: We’ve now got all compulsory gear, and talked about anything else we think we might need. Pete had the great idea we each have a tub with the support team to make transition easier for our gear to be packed, transported and prepared. This will contain our food, spare clothes, discipline specific gear etc. Thinking of all scenarios we’ve included a tub of spares containing water bladders, a bike chain, repair tools, compasses, dry bags, head torches, bike lights etc. Even a spare bike incase there is any major damage caused during a ride.
Transitions: Keep them short and sweet. We’re planning to eat on the go so this is just to re-fill food and water, swap gear, have a warm drink and head off again. We’re not even packing chairs.
Support Team: The point of the role is to be there at the right transition area with our gear out ready to take, but they do so much more than just that. They charge our batteries, prepare food and drinks, keep everyone updated on Facebook and cheer us on. I’m sure in the darkest hour having them there will get us through.
GoPros: I’m going to try and get as much footage as I can of the race. I asked facebook land for loan of batteries and memory cards and have been overwhelmed by how many offered use of their gear. Thanks again to everyone, now I just need to remember to put the memory card in the camera before I go….worst GoPro user ever….

Live Tracking: make sure you follow us live online! We’ll be given a tracker for the race so everyone can watch from home. We are team #58 The Rover Scouts, and Team Scouts are #15. Check us out!

“If we wait until we are ready we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives” – Lemony Snicket

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