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No Regrets

Sometimes you’ll never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” – Dr Suess

2 weeks ago we received devastating news. It’s tragic news that still makes my heart sink to my stomach. 2 weeks ago a friend ended their life.

On Thursday the 4th of February the news spread through the Rover community and our hearts broke for his loving wife and gorgeous son just a week shy of two years old.

It’s such a hard thing to process, understanding what had happened, how permanent it is and learning how real depression is. We are just devastated, even now it’s hard to find the words.

In times of darkness there is always light, and I would say that would be our amazing Rover family. Immediately everyone stepped up, cooking food, offering company, taking care of his family, and taking care of each other. Our world has been rocked by the loss of our friend, and together we are dealing with it.

Friday the 12th February was his funeral. It was by far the saddest thing I have ever experienced. The memory of throwing petals into waves at the beach will forever stay with me as the most symbolic thing I wish I never had to do.

Seeing my sister support her best friend through the lose of her husband has been both haunting and comforting, knowing she’s in the best hands this heartache could bring her, and imagining how hard that would be to do.

Having seen him the night it happened none of us could have guessed how much he was struggling, he might not have even realised himself.   This makes me so scared of how many other people could be in his same position. This makes me so desperate to advocate for positive mental health, and having those hard discussions with the people you love.

Saturday 13th February was his sons 2nd birthday party, and together we celebrated his beautiful legacy’s life. Everything was donated by generous people from Northern Beaches Mums, daycare and Scouts. A little splash of hope is restored back in day to day life seeing the birthday boy surrounded by people who love him and it warms the heart knowing this family has so much support.

It’s absolutely terrifying that this has happened. It’s highlighted the value of our friends and just how much we care about each other. It’s highlighted how much we never want to experience this again. If you ever need help, please come to us so we can save you. Please take the help which then saves us.

This stands as a reminder to take the chances we’ll regret not taking. To not let anything hold us back, and to chase the dreams that set our souls on fire. You only live once, so make it a life of no regrets.

I write this heartbroken but not angry. We’ll love you forever.

Lifeline – 13 11 14

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” – Dr Suess

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  1. This is so horribly sad, I like the way you chose to look at it. The use of dark and light is very touching. You are one truely positive person.

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