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New Year, Same Me

Thrive: [verb]
– Prosper; Flourish

The New Year is usually a time for everyone to set new goals and reflect on the year just passed, and like always, we tend to focus on the negative and then overcome it with a goal.  More often than not, we also fail to set action plans for these goals.

While standing in Queenstown New Zealand as the clock struck 12 I did a quick reflection and decided I’ve been kicking goals, so I made my best New Year’s Resolution yet, “make 2017 as awesome as 2016”.

This time last year I was already on my health & fitness journey, but spent my birthday sick as a dog, was struggling with the loss of a friend, and suffering through a breakup which had happened 5months prior.  While my life overall wasn’t that bad, February the 5th was.

Since then I have achieved so much. The majority of this I’ve already posted here with the successful training and completion of GeoQuest, reaching health & fitness targets, my incredible ramble in New Zealand, and generally learning to love myself and my own company.  I’ve been lucky enough to have an amazing PT/coach (Stephanie Radnan) who practices weekly and quarterly personal, physical and mental goal setting; now making broad annual New Year’s resolutions a thing of the past.

My Baden Powell journey has also prompted me to regularly assess if my projects are achievable, to evaluate the success of the projects I’m undertaking, and make planning so easy with a defined beginning, middle and end of all major badges.  Combined with the support of my mentors, I’ve found the whole experience so rewarding, and crucial to the success of my 2016. This success has highlighted to me the importance of continuous goal setting.

So while I have a lot of goals already in place for 2017, I decided to set my intentions, a quick set of values to remind myself to live by for the year:

2017 Intentions:

  • This is your year of nutrition
  • Reset the bar… this is no longer your peak, it’s the standard
  • It starts with a healthy mindset
  • Educate yourself, keep getting to know your body
  • Variety is key
  • Honour your pursuits
  • Thrive

And Remember:

  • Detox & cleanse, manage your wellbeing
  • Maintain balance
  • Your vibe attracts your tribe, surround yourself with healthy influences
  • Do everything with passion
  • Share the love and INSPIRE others
  • You are capable

As my 25th birthday comes up, I’ve decided to celebrate this year to my health.  Life is such a contrast now to what it was just 12 months ago, and I’m finally enjoying my independence and total responsibility over my actions, happiness and achievements.

Remember where I started, it’s absolutely possible for you to kick goals too.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Its so nice in these moments, to look back and see how far you’ve come.

    I like these health conscious goals, I may have to pinch a few 🙂

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