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My Top 4 Adventure Websites

My head spun as my boyfriend effortlessly flipped through the various finance website tabs he had open.  A simple question about Superannuation led us down a rabbit hole of comparison websites, infographics on compound interest and all sorts of other overwhelming things.  While I learnt a great deal about finance, what stuck out to me most was how easily he navigated these websites he’d visited before, and that he already knew which sites he trusted the sources of.  The same search would have taken me hours if left to do on my own.  

I soon realised I can do similar whiz references, recommendations and searches for adventure related topics, so I thought I’d share my favourite websites I use to find articles, tips and inspiration for my adventures.   The best thing is this post contains no affiliate links (to my financial disappointment) so all of this is my pure experience based preferences.  Enjoy!

  1. We Are Explorers

Ok this one is a little biased as I work with these guys (Event Producer), but this is after years of following and loving their content.  I use the site for all their trip suggestions in Australia.  They have a consistent to the point layout which starts with a fun recount of the trip and ends with a basic pack list, experience level requirement and access information.  It’s great.  The best way to find these is through their micro adventure map to see what is close to you.  The further I dug the more articles I found to read while sipping on a cup of tea.  It’s all adventure based thought topics, inspiration and current news neatly delivered to your inbox weekly if you sign up.

2. Adventure Journal

Similar to We Are Explorers, Adventure Journal shares all the current adventure news in the United States, along with opinion articles, videos, interviews and historic explorer recounts.  It’s a print magazine with LOADS of online content and a daily email if you sign up.  My favourite content on their website is their video page.  I’ve spent countless Friday nights absorbing all the adventure inspiration as I have my own mini adventure film festival on my couch through their featured videos.

3. LotsaFreshAir

Australian Blue Mountains based Caro Ryan has successfully covered everything bushwalking related on her website.  It’s the ultimate beginners guide to packing, camp cooking, gear recommending, navigating and so much more.  If you are looking for a site to teach you backpacking skills then look no further.

4. She Went Wild

She went wild is a community for adventurous women in Australia.  It enables them to get outside and explore.  Inspiration and information pieces arm them with knowledge to go hiking and try new things.  Their events also provide a supportive crowd to go hiking with, or learn to navigate or climb.  There’s a huge range of events and topics available on She Went Wild so check it out.  They also have a weekly newsletter opt in, and facebook community page you can join.

Enjoy the content and make sure to engage, sign up and then GO ON YOUR OWN ADVENTURE with all that new found inspiration!

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