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Hike it Out Week – Taking the first steps

By taking the Hike it Out Pledge you’ve taken the first step to making this a better world!  Congratulations if you’ve already taken the Pledge, and if you haven’t, click here to take it now!  Even as one person you do make a difference.  Tossers ruin it for everyone, but it only takes one person to pick it up and fix it – that’s you!

Today marks the start of Hike it Out Week (6-12 November) so to get you started, here’s some simple tips to successfully Hike it Out:

– Pack a plastic bag so you can carry out litter you come across.  The one thing that seems to stop people from picking up litter is not having anything to put it in.

– Invest in reusable products.  Use refillable bottles or bladders instead of single use plastic bottles, and reusable food pouches or tupperware instead of zip lock bags for food.

– Re-package items at home so there’s less rubbish to bring back.  Wrappers always seem to fly away or get forgotten.

– Remember the pledge and always aim to be environmentally mindful when outdoors.

It really is about forming new habits, training the eye to see litter, taking action to pick it up, and thanking yourself for the good you’ve done.   There’s over 100 000 birds and other animals killed worldwide by plastic rubbish each year, so you are literally saving lives.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Ghandi


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