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Christmas Escape

After the challenges of 2015, I (for the first time ever) wasn’t at all excited about Christmas.  The people  I most wanted to spend it with weren’t going to be there so I opted for an escape instead.  Just a quick 5 to 9 Adventure from Christmas eve to Christmas morning to keep the blues at bay, and it was the most relaxing thing I’ve done in a long long time.  My gorgeous sister came long for company and we stayed at North Era Campground in the Royal National Park, accessed from Garie Beach by just a 2km hike.

We explored our private beach, admired the full moon, had a restful nights sleep by the water and then watched the sun rise on Christmas morning while drinking champagne, wearing Santa hats and swapping presents.  The Sunrise from Themla Ridge is just stunning with views from Garie North head right around to Burgh Ridge past South Era Point – if you haven’t gone before put this on your bucket list!

From what started as me running away from Christmas I gained one of the most special moments I’ve ever experienced, and hopefully a new Christmas tradition.  The Royal National Park has always been my go to happy place, and this is exactly why I keep coming back.

Ready for my strongest year yet – 2016!

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