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In case you needed another excuse to get outdoors, you can add “cleaning up the environment” to your list of reasons why you should go on your next adventure.

The beauty of Hike it Out is you can do it any time, you don’t NEED to be hiking, and generally, litter presents itself no matter what outdoors activity you are doing.

Kayaking it Out is a favourite pastime of mine, and played a big role in the idea of this campaign.  Truth be told I’ve been collecting floating rubbish from rivers long before I was picking it up while hiking…. it’s much easier when you don’t need to bend down, and often much sadder to come across.

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A huge number of people have jumped on board with Hike it Out while strolling through their community.  This is nothing short of amazing, being able to apply the campaign to everyday life, regardless if they are adventuring through back country or the concrete jungle.

You name the activity and Hike it Out can be applied.  Flat on my ass while snowboarding I catch tissues flying past and stuff the corner of muesli bar wrappers found in the snow into my jacket pockets.  Resting at the top of a hill after an exhausting climb on my mountain bike I notice empty Energy Gel packets.  It’s sad to leave the big items when I don’t have bag space, but the little stuff is so often overlooked I take pride in knowing I helped at all.  If nothing else, do it for that feeling alone.


It’s so easy to incorporate Hiking it Out to your trips outside, and it’s important to care no matter where you are as it all ends up in waterways or nature eventually.  Share with us your creative ways of hiking it out!

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