Taking on the adventure of life!

I’m Heather, a Sydney based adventurer and lover of the outdoors.  I created Hike it Out to help preserve the earth we love, and I blog my trips so you can follow and laugh along with me.


Nothing inspires me more than the sheer realisation that “we are capable”….and then proving it to myself time and time again.  My goal in life is to share the love and inspire others to get out there and make adventure happen.




My love of nature came from growing up camping with my family, and being an active member of Scouts, achieving my Baden Powell Award in 2018.  I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, kayaking and camping with my greatest achievement being twice completing the 24hr Adventure Race, GeoQuest.


This year I quit my job to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail for 6 months, hiking solo for 4,265km from the borders of Mexico to Canada along the Western United States.  There’s an amazing journey ahead, and I can’t wait to share the best

(and worst) parts here.


Hold on tight and enjoy the ride!


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Instagram: thisramblingrover

Location: Sydney, Australia