Hike it Out Week

Hike it out
 6-12 November 2017

Happening 6-12th November, Hike it Out week is a chance to get educated on being eco-friendly when outdoors, minimise waste and making time to get outdoors and remove a little litter to make your favourite spot a beautiful place again.

Get Involved

Get involved by taking the Hike it Out Pledge, following the Facebook Page for information and even organising your own local Hike it Out event.

Whether it’s yourself with a group of friends, or you’re an organisation, your impact will be huge. Post your events to the Hike it Out Facebook page so people can join in, and remember to send in images of your hauls to be featured.

It’s about the simple act of picking up what you see.  For some this might be in your local park, and for others it’s a river, beach or National Park.

Your enthusiasm is what makes this campaign a success, so don’t be afraid to get involved and join this community who care about making a difference to our environment.  Share this initiative and start making plans to get out there in November!

Hike it Out Week Articles

Taking the First Steps
Leave No Trace Explained
Choose your own Out
What Happens to Rubbish?
The Light-Waste Hike Menu
Hike Safety


6-12 (1)


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