Racing Again

We registered for GeoQuest 2017!
It feels like only yesterday I was training and preparing for last years race, but it’s now only 10 weeks until we do it all again.
This year Team Rover Scouts welcomes two new faces along with the return of some original members….let me introduce the team:
Alex GeoquestAlex
Returning for his second GeoQuest Alex raced with the Team Rover Scouts last year as well. Training never stopped for Alex with regular runs, rides and mornings spent at the sand dunes, joined by his girlfriend Jess who will be there as our support crew.  Recently I joined them both (and others) in New Zealand to hike the Kepler Track (70km), and plenty of other adventures.  Alex and Jess have also just returned from Japan on a snow board trip….these two are always up to something cool.
Hike Ross
New to the team, but not to adventure racing, we have Ross!  A fantastic navigator who joined me on my 5 day mountain bike and kayak trip in New Zealand over Christmas to then fly to Tasmania and hike the Western Aurthors for 9 days.  Ross ran a half marathon last year, and raced with me in the Paddy Pallin AR (read about it here). Ross’s sense of humor and calm demeanor will be a real asset to the team through both the highs and the lows.
Sail Tristan
Also new to the team, Tristan, was Alex’s partner for the Paddy Pallin Race last year.  Windsurfing and mountain biking keep Tristan out of trouble, along with his latest trip sailing the James Craig from Sydney down to Hobart.  Tristan’s bubbly girlfriend Emma is joining our support crew.  His enthusiasm and healthy competitiveness will keep the team moving during the most challenging times.
Mountain Bike
Then there’s me – crazy enough to be returning for my second year!  My recent 3 weeks in New Zealand with Ross and Alex spend mountain biking, kayaking and hiking has me more excited than ever to be challenging myself again, hopefully injury free this time.  Always onto the next “big thing”.
Last years support team Lani, Tyla and Pete all agreed in a heartbeat to come along again, this time joined by Emma and Jess as well.  We have such a strong group with everyone having known each other for years and understanding how we all tick.  We’re set for a strong race this year!

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