What Next?

After GeoQuest I took a good rest period to let my injuries heal, but as expected I miss being on the pursuit of something great. Having a reason to train, having something to plan, and a trip to look forward to. I’ve been left with no choice but to plan my next adventure, and New Zealand seems like the perfect place for it.
A decent kayak trip has long been on my list of things to do, and I’ve wanted to visit New Zealand for a while, so it seemed very fitting I make this my Ramble for the Physical component in my BP.

The idea of anything multi sport seems far more interesting to me now than a single discipline, so why not throw in a mountain bike leg as well? It’s my favourite sport to hate…that’s how memories are made right?
The plan:

Based in the Marlbourgh Sounds (South Island) we spend 2 days riding the 70km Queen Charlotte Track, to then swap our bikes for Kayaks and paddle the Queen Charlotte Pass for 3 days back to the start.

The Challenges:

Qualifications – I have 4 months to get my Certificate 2 in Kayaking to lead the trip…no rush.

People – I need a minimum of 4 of us for the trip to go ahead. That’s 3 other people who need to come with me overseas during the Christmas / New Year break….so far I’ve got one. We’ll be calling all New Zealand Rovers! It would be awesome to have a member of our international scouting family on the team.

Gear – To hire or transport our own? Bikes, tents, kayaks etc are all available to hire from adventure companies in NZ, how much of this do we want bring ourselves?

Logistics – The same Adventure companies offer gear transport to/from the Queen Charlotte Track by boat, let’s hope by “gear” they also mean bikes and kayaks…

Already I’m excited. I’m back to riding for a reason, I get to spend my nights studying maps, shopping for gear, making plans, changing plans and watching it all come together. I’m back baby!
“Don’t let your dreams be dreams” – Jack Johnson


Life|Adventure|Outdoors LIFE is about taking on ADVENTURE and making the most of the beautiful OUTDOORS. Realising you are capable is the most empowering epiphany you can have, join the journey, explore, and find yourself.

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