Small Wins

“Think – Idea – Try – Do – Do Again – And Again – Keep Going – Success!” – Unknown

It’s now been 12 weeks since I first started training and I’ve started hitting walls. I’m still at the point where my body is learning to cope with the constant strain of training. I’m at the physio once a week and am constantly taped, I’m foam rolling daily, getting acupuncture weekly and wearing compression socks when I run, and still shin splints linger and my ITB is tighter than ever. This is super frustrating – isn’t exercise meant to be good for you?!?

Compression socks for running

Mountain biking remains equal parts challenging and rewarding. It’s hard work which my poor quads haven’t adjusted to, and the mental block of riding downhill makes it so much harder than it physically has to be. The boys have started teaching me technique but my elbows are still locked, my wrists hurt as a result, and my butt is constantly sore from the saddle. Slowly though my confidence is improving and technique is sinking in. Slowly.

Riding through Cateract
Riding through Cataract
Check out those pretty bikes!
Check out those pretty bikes!
Happy as a pig in mud
Happy as a pig in mud

So after being constantly sore and a frustratingly slow learner I needed a pick me up.  Right in time we had fitness testing day at PT and I finally have measurable results to celebrate! While these are only small wins they are leaps compared to how far I thought I had come.  Results are in:

  • 10 x full push-ups (10 more than 1st session)
  • 30 x half push-ups (15 more than 1st session)
  • 30 x sit ups (15 more than 1st session and no one standing in my toes)
  • Plank for 1.45mins (45 seconds longer than 1st session)
  • Wall sit for 1.45mins (1 min longer than 1st session)
  • 1.2km run in 5.28mins (29 seconds faster than 1st session, been off running due to injury)

(Finally) I’m up, up and awaayyyy!


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