Women in the Wild

The main inspiration of this blog came from a good friend of mine who is also working towards her BP Award.  Tyla and I have had many a discussion on potential projects to create, and as a result Women in the Wild is her brainchild.

A group of women together to explore the wilderness.  The support network within this group is amazing, we have come blazing in with fresh motivation and a thirst to get out there and see the world.  A safe place where all fitness levels are welcome and opportunity to improve together as our walks get longer and gradients get harder.  The perfect environment to improve my own skills for the physical component of the BP challenge.

Click Here to see what Women in the Wild are up to, and below are some highlights from bushwalking to Winifred Falls, Kayaking down Dead Mans Creek and bushwalking to Figure 8 Pools.  The Royal National Park is conveniently close with so much to explore!

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Life|Adventure|Outdoors LIFE is about taking on ADVENTURE and making the most of the beautiful OUTDOORS. Realising you are capable is the most empowering epiphany you can have, join the journey, explore, and find yourself.

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