The Decision to Try

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try” – Unknown

Why not set yourself a challenge?
When you have someone handing you a little red book saying “Give this a go, I guarantee you’ll get more out of life” then you don’t have much to loose.  The Baden Powell Award for me is a chance to gain new skills,  learn about myself, set some goals and then achieve them, all through the globally recognised organisation of Scouting.

I’ve always been on the hunt for adventure, but just recently I have become aware how possible anything can be when you just try.  I am so refreshed by nature and  there is simply no better feeling than pushing yourself well beyond the limits you didn’t even know you had and coming out the other side a stronger more confident person.

Through scouts I’ve met a number of amazing people who make adventure look easy.  These people (most of whom aren’t even aware) have become mentors to me, not only showing me what we are capable of achieving, but inspiring me to aim higher in my own capabilities.  With this wonderful network of people around me, anything really is possible now.


Life|Adventure|Outdoors LIFE is about taking on ADVENTURE and making the most of the beautiful OUTDOORS. Realising you are capable is the most empowering epiphany you can have, join the journey, explore, and find yourself.

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