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Top 5 Adventure Podcasts

Looking for some new podcasts to keep you entertained while on your next road trip, hike, or even during housework? How about some podcasts to inspire your next adventures? Look no further than my top 5 go to podcasts which leave me gushing over incredible people and their achievements, and researching my next trips and destinations. Learn something new, feel understood with your secret adventure related insecurities and laugh at some hilarious perspectives and situations that other likeminded people share. Enjoy the hours and hours of listening ahead.

1. Dirtbag Diaries

The Dirtbag Diaries will forever have a place in my heart, and I’ve listened to it so much while hiking that the opening theme song now gives me PCT flashbacks. As the title suggests, this podcast is made up of tales of adventure. They have a few formats; The Shorts share other people’s stories in awesomely created recounts (not interviews); Endangered Spaces educates and goes in depth on conservation issues in America; and there also a few seasonal specials like New Year and Halloween submissions. Along with quality entertainment, you’ll come away inspired by everyday people’s trips, and feeling like you are part of the Dirtbag Diaries community.

Episode highlights:

* Hootin & Hollerin

* New Year 2017 Big Ideas

2. Sparta Chicks Radio

An Australian podcast aimed at women who love endurance sports, Sparta Chicks dives deep into the heart of our insecurities and discusses them with female athletes. Topics such as imposter syndrome, fear, confidence, self and body love, failure, goals, obstacles etc. There is no topic out of bounds and the show is rated explicit so the occasional passionate F-bomb can be dropped.

Episode highlights: (with my two favourite Aussie Adventurers)

* Lucy Barnard, 2years into walking the length of the world

* Hayley Talbot Kayaking the Clarence

* Hayley Talbot Cont. the greatest lesson you’ll ever learn

3. Women on the Road

In a more glamorous term, this podcast is interviews with and shares perspectives of female van lifers. What I particularly love is the podcast itself is run by a van lifer on the road herself. Interviews cover stories, fears, logistics of the lifestyle, costs and Q&A’s in a really down to earth way. Women are open and honest while being strong and independent. I love love love this and always find myself daydreaming of long coastal drives or camping deep in the woods alone. Interested in the lifestyle? Learn about it here.

Episode highlights:

* Financing your Road Travel, Part 1

* Financing your Road Travel, Part 2

4. Safety Third

An offshoot of The Dirtbag Diaries, Safety Third dives deep into the stories to talk about the ideas that are forged from adventure. They represent the trips that have a deeper meaning than simply climbing a mountain, and if nothing else, the host banter is hilarious; Paddy O’Connell is like listening to an adventure driven Anchor Man. In an entertaining production the episodes are well put together and always an inspiring dive into the depths of why adventure is so rewarding, despite its risks.

Episode Highlights:

* Let’s talk life and death

5. Wild Ideas Worth Living – REI

Hosted by Shelby Stanger this podcast interviews people who have lived and pursued a wild idea. Quitting jobs, crazy adventures, interesting lifestyle switches and going out on a whim to do something grand. Being adventurous herself, her questions reflect an insightful perspective that brings out quality conversation.

Episode Highlights:

* Interview with Pattie Gonia