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Second Wind

“Most people don’t run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second” – William James

After a slow week of “resting” I’ve come back with a second wind.

News of another short Adventure Race has come up in March which has given me a closer deadline to be ready for and an adventure get excited about.  After checking out the website I found this awesome video which explains quiet well what Adventure Racing is, and why the featured people enjoy it so much.  Check it out Here.

The support from my team-mates and mentors has really started to pour in with each of them joining me on weekly training adventures.

Myall (GeoQuest veteran) has started weekly Kayak training with me and the team down at Gunamatta Bay in Cronulla. It’s been really great to start this since it’s the hardest discipline to actually get practice in. Proper kayaking is harder than I imagined, but quickly becomes a familiar pain that I could I think I could keep up for kilometres, and I’m loving the chance to get out on the water.  Plus there’s starfish.


With shin splints still causing pain on short runs (usually 4km) my physio ordered X-rays to rule out a Fibula Stress Fracture in my right leg. I’ve never been more stressed in my life, horror images of a giant moon boot came to mind instantly, right as I’m coming up to the summer break when I plan on increasing my training. Luckily everything came back clear but there’s still a suspicious mark on the X-ray right where it hurts….but for now its just acupuncture, tapping and foam rolling to get me through.

In celebration of nothing broken I decided to run from Coogee to Bondi and back. Team mate Matto was up for the challenge and ended up coaching, encouraging and pushing me for 2.2hrs as we ran 14kms.  I’m so glad he came because without all his support I probably would have walked the whole way back. My left hip and right knee were so sore by the end I limped all afternoon, but stretches and foam rolling did make a noticeable difference. Surprisingly shin splints stopped hurting after the first 2km.

Lady Carrington Drive in the Royal National Park is a new favourite amongst the team, officially being my longest ride at 18km.  Hitting monthly goals all over the place!

The weekend prior I joined Lizzie in Canberra for Miss Muddy, a 5km obstacle course mud run. I haven’t had so much fun in a long time with us running the full distance and completing the course in 50minutes.

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