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Ramble Update!


– One of my team members were booted 12 months ago. The book says lead a team of Rovers. I’ve checked with BP Support who said that would still be fine with Crew Approval

– I still don’t have a 4th person confirmed. I feel the Queen Charlotte Track is populated enough by hikers we could safely do the ride with 3 people, and Myall is teaching us 3person 2 kayak rescues just in case. Because I’ve exhausted every option in trying to find another person the crew is approving the trip as still eligible for the BP, despite being only 3.


Good news:

– Flights, accommodation and gear is all booked – we leave in less than 2 weeks!

– We climb over 1500m elevation each day on the bikes, you don’t get a sore butt if your pushing your bike

– Updated proposal is coming along with more details on weather, menu, course and emergency exits

– I gotten a lot of assurance from Wilderness Guides (the hire company) and feel confident they will act as support crew if conditions turn. Recent earthquakes saw storms and tsunami warnings, which if occurs again will have us picked up along the way.

– Training has been great! My riding is much stronger again making it up hills and gaining confidence flying back down them. On a technical level I’m making it down more drops (and stairs) and starting to clear fallen branches and obstacles.  Boxing, sand dune running and legs work is making a huge difference in strength when it comes to performing in these disciplines.


New Zealand 2.0

My incredible adventure through the South Island doesn’t stop with the ramble. Afterwards Angus and I are hiring a car and driving down to Franz Joseph to climb the glacier and see Mt Cook. Then we’ll head to Queenstown to meet up with Lizzie, Jess, Alex and a few others to party it up for New Years Eve, go canyoning, white water rafting, bundgy jumping (not me), kayak through Milford Sound, then hike for 3 days across the Kepler Track.

I seriously can’t wait for such an epic trip, to be spending 3 weeks in another country over Christmas and New Years with such an awesome group of people. How will I ever beat this?

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