To those of you keenly following my PCT journey through this blog – THANKYOU!
In a quick update since my last post I’ve gotten sick, gotten better, had a leg on my own, finished Oregon, am halfway through Washington and increased my mileage by a lot. I’m now up to 31mile days (50km) which hasn’t left much time for quality blogging for you.
I’m just over a week from reaching the Canadian Border, then I’ll be heading straight home to Australia to complete these blog posts you’ve so eagerly been awaiting to live through this adventure. I’m excited to bring you quality reading, and to re-live it all as I write the stories for the blog.
This has been a totally unforgettable, unpredictable, hard and empowering experience. The Pacific Crest Trail lived up to my every expectation and then delivered more. It’s surreal it’s about to finish; it’s emotional. I don’t ever not want to wake up in a tent in the wilderness, but I also can’t wait to be home.
Until my next post in 3 weeks, think of me as I make the last of this amazing trip, walking the final 190miles to Canada with my Trail family. Life is UNREAL.

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  1. Chris Fox says:

    Have a wonderful last week! It’s been a pleasure following you!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing posts and photos of your PCT adventure. Best wishes in making it safely to Canada and returning to Oz. I hope the transition away from trail life goes smoothly!
    Best Regards, Marc

  3. Have great week. Looking forward to hearing about your trip through Oregon and Washington. I was wondering what happened to you as I was checking your location.

  4. I’ve been following along and enjoy your posts. Good luck with the fire closures and have a safe finish and flight home.

  5. Colleen Fraser says:

    Thanks for letting me enjoy this journey with you.

  6. Donna Dutton says:

    So happy for you. I hope you’ll think of me as you go through Bellingham. I have been following you since the beginning of your fabulous epic journey. I hope the cooler weather and precipitation will allow you to finish it.
    Bless you during your final push.

  7. Stay positive and safe, and continue to enjoy it. I can only imagine, after a well-earned rest, family and friend love-in, what you will do next. I’m sure I will be saying, ‘I knew Heather when…’ Love always, my fabulous friend. Xxoo

  8. ME48 says:

    I am sure by the time you read this you will have finished. Congratulations! It has been wonderful following your great adventure and I am so glad to have been part of it in spirit as well. I am glad you made it thru and look forward to read about your ending journey.

  9. Phyllis Pohl says:

    Thank you for letting me tag along! It’s been great reading your posts.

  10. sean Hudson says:

    River, got your awesome postcard and I am proud to have met such a strong resilient women. I am going to hang up the spatula(sort of) this year and put my hikers back on. I may do something different this year Like Hike and Angel along the rest of the PCT I have left. Its an early idea, so we shall see if i can work out the logistics. keep in touch.
    Mad Dog

    1. Thankyou ❤️
      And great to hear you’re making a return to the trail! So wish I could return and join you.
      Definitely keep in touch!

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