On Fire!

Oooooh Lordy it feels good to be back!  After over a week of total rest I’m feeling so rejuvenated and literally jumping out of my skin.  A world of good came from 7pm bed times, no training and acknowledging my poor tired body; and now bouncy Heather is back to play!

Just in the nick of time I’ve been given the doctor’s ‘all clear’ to race in GeoQuest, and it’s given me a whole new level of excitement.  This time last year I was a bundle of nerves, but considering we leave tomorrow, I’m feeling great.

We’ve been blessed with gorgeous weather, a stark comparison to the Sydney storms we were training in last year. This weekend we covered a 12km paddle, I squeezed in a nights camping, and gained some sweet new bruises learning to use clip in pedals on my bike….it’s a steep learning curve but makes uphill climbs much easier.

Even in nippy winter I’m reminded how much I love getting out there for a paddle or ride with the team.  Shared enthusiasm can be such a rare thing, but when you find three other people who are just as perky as you, it totally works.

Gosh I love being back to my usual chirpy, productive self. Yip yip yip!


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