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Night Rides

We are about to embark on the greatest adventure we’ve ever been on, and this is the part I love the most.
As we ride our bikes in the dark and pouring rain I laugh hysterically. This is my favourite part, getting to do the things normal people wouldn’t do. The places we go and the things we do to get used to being outside our comfort zone, to be ready to take on a trip like this, all of it wouldn’t have happened otherwise. I wouldn’t be seeing hundreds of frogs on the paths, or get chased by moths the size of my hand following the lights on our bikes.
You know your traveling through some serious rain when your shoes fill with puddles as you ride.

For our final week of training before the event it’s been pouring rain but it’s not stopping us, and even this late in the piece I’m still learning heaps:

– Don’t forget your head torch: it’s amazing how much you take for granted the ability to look around, while bike lights are bright you can only see forward, and not your gears or peddles for example, or sideways to look for tracks.

– Keep your hood up to avoid it filling with water which you then pour down your back. Fun times.

– GroPro footage is only interesting when the camera isn’t pointed at the ground

– Saddle bags explode when they rub on your tyre enough. Time for a new bag that attaches to the frame rather than the seat…

– My new lightweight Marmot rain jacket is perfect (besides user error with the hood)

Tonight we have another night ride planned followed by a team meeting tomorrow with our support team to make the final plans for the trip. This is were we plan transport, meals, logistics and gear allocation. All the big ticket stuff.

With GeoQuest just next week I’m secretly starting to panic. I know we can do this, and it will be incredible, but until I’m all packed and have a solid plan, I’ll have to keep burning off these pre-race nerves.

We are crazy, this is really happening and it’s wonderful!

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