Hike it Out Pledge

By taking the Hike it Out pledge you are committing yourself to saying “I care” and are setting the intention to make a difference.

“I pledge to be environmentally focused when outdoors to minimise my impact.  I pledge to Hike it Out with my litter and any extra I can take, aiming to leave all natural sights better than I found them.”

Sign up to receive information on how best to minimise your impact, and make the most of our gorgeous environment.  Keep yourself accountable by signing up and living a litter free adventurous lifestyle.


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Why postcode?  Our aim is to map how far across Australia (and the world) we reach, showing the impact of the Hike it Out campaign.

Our Impact

The Hike it Out Pledge has now been taken by people across 7 States in Australia (and one person in Canada!).  That’s 7 different States that will see the benefits of people picking up the litter they come across when outdoors.

Want to see your location marked on the map?  Take the Pledge!

Pledge Map V3


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