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The growing popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram has infused a heightened sense of adventure and exploration, often for the gorgeous photo opportunities.  However, what the photos don’t often capture is the harmful effect of rubbish and human impact on our natural habitats.

Lets reset the standards of what we do with litter.  YOUR actions when finding rubbish will directly impact the next persons experience.  You could also be saving an animals life, protecting our environment and contributing to the item being recycled properly.

Hike it Out is an environmental awareness campaign aimed specifically at building a hiking culture that holds everyone responsible for their own rubbish, and any they find along the way; it’s that simple.  Live by this, encourage your friends to travel and explore with a Hike it Out mentality and suddenly our world will start to look a little cleaner.  The environment is our responsibility, and so is our rubbish.  Together we WILL make a difference.


Vision and Mission

Our vision is to influence all people outdoors to be responsible for their rubbish, leaving all natural sights litter free.

Our mission is to be adventure inspiring and environmentally focused targeting waste and pollution.  The project must make a difference and benefit the community.


Take the Pledge

Join us as we pledge to make a difference.  Sign up to say “I care” and set the intention of creating a better world.

“I pledge to be environmentally focused when outdoors to minimise my impact.  I pledge to Hike it Out with my litter and any extra I can take, aiming to leave all natural sights better than I found them.”

Take the Pledge Here

Hike it Out Week
6-12 November 2017

Happening 6-12th November, Hike it Out week is a chance to get educated on being eco-friendly when outdoors, minimise waste and making time to get outdoors and remove a little litter to make your favourite spot a beautiful place again.  Click here for more information.





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Our Impact

The Hike it Out Pledge has now been taken by people across 6 States in Australia (and one person in Canada!).  That’s 6 different States that will see the benefits of people picking up the litter they come across when outdoors.

Want to see your location marked on the map?  Take the Pledge!


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