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Good Fear vs Bad Fear

Have you ever experienced those excited butterflies before you do something big? Been aware that you might fail whatever you are embarking on, but willing to try anyway? That’s good fear. It’s acknowledging that what you are about to do is so crazy that it might just work, rather than a guaranteed success. It’s throwing caution to the wind and trying anyway. It’s a pinch of self-doubt mixed with curiosity and exploration. It’s pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone to find where your line in the sand really sits. It’s courage, faith, motivation and stubbornness. Sometimes it’s reckless, but seizing and conquering good fear feels incredible. It leaves you feeling unstoppable.

Have you ever felt unsafe? Like what you are doing is legitimately a bad idea and it’s best you turned around? Listen to that voice too. But understand the difference between danger and insecurities. Set up risk management tactics. That might be by taking someone experienced with you, or carrying an emergency beacon which can be activated for help if you get in trouble.

Why not throw paranoia into the mix as well?! That world of crazy ‘what if’ scenarios that play out in your head. I’m talking axe murderer hiding in the bushes, getting lost for weeks and needing to drink your own urine, and dying after eating poison berries. These are all wild but somewhat valid, and easily avoided if you exercise caution. Save your racing mind by practising conscious logical thinking.

You’re not going to chase down bad fear and run into prana infested water or straight into a lion’s den (I hope), but you should take a chance on your resilience and go for that hike, or try mountain biking, or do whatever it is that scares you. Humans are adaptable, YOU can be adaptable. So push that boundary, scare yourself just a little. Fear isn’t all bad.

Let good fear drive you instead of bad fear stopping you.