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Dear Adventure

Adventure: [Noun]
– an unusual and exciting or daring experience


Dear Adventure,

Thank you for being the essence of life.  You fuel me, feed me and drive me.  You are so easy to chase, love, desire and admire.  You build me up from within, and sometimes, you tear me down in the face of weather, nature, and expectations.  You keep me honest, you prove me wrong, and yet somehow, you’re still full of surprises.

You have taught me respect, patience, persistence and pride.  Through you I have lost myself, and found myself time and time again. I’m inspired by not knowing IF I can complete the challenge.  I’m inspired by being pushed harder than day to day life can push me.  I’m inspired when I come out the other side, a stronger, complete person.

I do it to appreciate the now, to stand back in awe of the fact we made it.  To connect with the people who have been here before, and with the people who will come in the future.

You’re a magnet for me, chasing a realm of possibility in the wildest of circumstances, wondering how far I can push it, and how much further you’ll push me.

These places represent hope, consistency, love.  These are the places where I learnt to love myself, love life, love the outdoors.  Every time I feel hungry to be alive, I know where I need to go.  It’s a safe space where I know I’ll be recharged.

Thank you, Adventure, for everything you’ve brought so far, and for everything that is yet to come.



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