I’m working towards my Baden Powell Award and using this blog as a form of documentation to show my progress along the way.  Here you’ll find my achievements, roadblocks, inspiration and planning as I start my journey to becoming a Baden Powell Award recipient.

Personal Growth: 2016
This started as an adventure blog recording my transformation from an average person into an Adventure Racer in preparation to complete GeoQuest in June 2016, a 125km Orienteering course completed in 48hrs.  My team of four covered 60km Mountain Biking, 35km Trekking, and 25km Kayaking.  All of which (including navigation) I had next to no experience in when I started this back in August 2015.

Read on to learn my challenges, training adventures, self doubt and determination as I became an Adventure Racer.

Physical Challenge: 2016

Always looking for my next Adventure I choose to do my Ramble in New Zealand, Mountain biking the Queen Charlotte Track for 2 days (60kms) , then Kayaking the Sound for another 3 days (50kms), over Christmas.  Myself and 3 others completed the epic trip with no major issues, check out the video and blog posts.

Service: 2017

Taking on a role that has been years of work in the lead up I’m VOC3 VOC Commander at Dragon Skin for 2017.  This requires a huge amount of meetings, planning and management, along with high responsibility (and pride) during the event.  No better way to give back to scouting than to directly contribute to my favourite camp as a Venturer.

Community Project: 2017
Similar to “Don’t be a tosser” and working hand in hand with “Leave no Trace”, Hike it Out is an environmental campaign aiming to hold explorers responsible for the removal of their own rubbish, and in the ideal world, rubbish found along the way as well.

Like the Hike it Out Facebook page for environmentally friendly hiking tips, and support the campaign by tagging your photos with #hikeitout .

Hold on tight and enjoy the ride!