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What’s in my Thru Hiking First Aid Kit?

Thru hiking gives you a new perspective on everything you pack – or more specifically over pack.  It’ll also give you perspective on what you’re willing to endure on a hike.  So, I encourage you: don’t pack your fears, just bring the necessities. When creating this first aid kit these three points heavily weighed in: The …

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Top 5 Adventure Podcasts

Looking for some new podcasts to keep you entertained while on your next road trip, hike, or even during housework? How about some podcasts to inspire your next adventures? Look no further than my top 5 go to podcasts which leave me gushing over incredible people and their achievements, and researching my next trips and destinations.

Anecdotes Blog

Good Fear vs Bad Fear

Have you ever experienced those excited butterflies before you do something big? Been aware that you might fail whatever you are embarking on, but willing to try anyway? That’s good fear. It’s acknowledging that what you are about to do is so crazy that it might just work, rather than a guaranteed success. It’s throwing …