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My name is Heather Porter and I live in my self converted van.  I’m an adventurer, writer, speaker, hiker and help manage an outdoor education centre (you can see my portfolio here).  I create content to share things I’ve learnt on the road and to help you achieve a similar lifestyle.  I believe we are capable, and that if something gives you butterflies it is worth pursuing.  My philosophy is to dream big,  then set the goals to make it happen.
When I’m not working at camp I’m off in the van exploring NSW and no doubt crocheting along the way… you can check out my shop here.
In 2020 I was caught up in the COVID-19 whirlwind leaving me with the time and opportunity to convert my own van into a camper.  Together my Dad and I worked for 3 months to build my little tiny home and now I’m traveling, writing, and generally enjoying my life in the slow lane.
In 2018 I quit my career as an Event Manager to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail.   I hiked for six months covering 4,100km from the borders of Mexico to Canada along the Western United States.  Now that I’m back I’m on a mission to help others free themselves and pursue a life they enjoy as well. 
In 2016 I started my two year stint in adventure racing.  It was a transformative time in my life where I fell in love with adventure and learning how far I could push myself in it.  
If you are interested in learning more about thru hiking and vanlifemake sure you check out my YouTube Chanel for videos on planning, gear, logistics, budgets, pack lists, vnalife and more.
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Instagram: @thisramblingrover
You Tube: This Rambling Rover
Location: Sydney, Australia


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