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10 Christmas Present Ideas for Hikers

It’s coming up to that time of year where we all start to go shopping to find meaningful and useful items for each other.  The last thing a hiker wants is more “stuff” to carry,  but some of these items will be guaranteed to be used if gifted to the outdoorsy type. I hope this makes shopping a little easier!!

Under $20

Sea to Summit Titanium Spoon

Ever wear half your mountain house meal on the back of your hand while you try to scoop the last few mouthfuls?  The sea to summit titanium long handled spoon solves all those problems.

Under $30

BRS Titanium Stove

There are hundreds of stoves on the market these days, but this one serves the purpose just fine.  Weighing in at just 25gms you’ll hardly notice the weight in your bag, and it’s super affordable, especially for a piece of gear that will last forever.  Give the gift of a hot meal!

Nalgene 1L Bottle

Nalgene’s have managed to capture the adventure loving audience so well that everyone gets excited about a new Nalgene, and it’s perfectly fine to own more than one of these.  Extra points if you have some cools stickers to add to it as well.

Injini Socks

They might look weird but these socks will prevent blisters while hiking better than any other sock.  Give them a try!

Under $40


It’s a hat, scarf, sun shield, snow shield, headband, pillowcase any pretty much anything else you can think of.  You can get creative with the designs to show a little personality too!

Sea to Summit Inflatable Pillow

Gift a good nights sleep with an inflatable pillow.  They are lightweight, compact and make a huge difference.

Under $60

Anker 10,000 mAh Powerbank

This day and age phones have found their place in the hiking world.  GSP and maps are now available through apps, along with using the camera and listening to music or podcasts.   One of the lightest power banks on the market for it’s size, try the Anker!

Black Diamond Spot Head Torch

Shining at 325 lumens and weighing only 88grams the black diamond spot is where it’s at for night hiking.

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter

Seemingly new to Australia, Sawyer Squeeze water filters are the bee’s knees for water purification.  Weighing in at 190gms it’s one of the lightest and simplest to use on the market.

Deuce of Spades Trowel

Leaving no trace while hiking is super important.  This lightweight trowel weighs in at only 17gms, and is durable enough to dig all the cat holes you need.  Remember to carry out your toilet paper though!

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